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Looking for homecoming dresses?

You’ll find an outstanding selection at Ash and T’s.

Ready to make a splash at your homecoming? We bet you are. Here at Ash and T’s, we have a wide selection of beautiful homecoming dresses that suit every style. Whether you’re going for a bold or cute look, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. No matter what dress you select from our curated selection, you can rest assured that you’ll look fantastic and feel at your most confident, sexiest best.

Home coming isn’t just a single night; it’s a night that lives on forever through photographs and memories. And while your dress may not be the most important element of the evening (that honor belongs to those happy moments with friends), it sure will play a big supporting role. So don’t take any chances. Shop for your dress at Ash and T’s, and ensure that you’ve got an outfit that’s worthy of the special occasion.

A Range of Options

There are a few classic home coming dress rules, but the number one rule that everyone follows is: you have to look good. And we have no doubt that you will! There’s a lot of flexibility regarding what type of dress you can wear, and since you have thousands of options at our store, we’re sure that you’ll find the right one. You may decide to choose a gold maxi dress, or a stylish midi-length dress. Once you’ve got the perfect dress, you’ll just have to find some shoes and make sure your hair and makeup look fantastic. Put all those ingredients together, and you’ll have a look that you’re more than happy to be immortalized forever in photographs.

How To Choose The Perfect Homecoming Dress

Our advice for finding the perfect homecoming dress? Come to visit us at our store, and take a look at all the beautiful dresses that we have in stock. But there are some additional steps you can take that’ll ensure that you get the right one. For instance, if you’ve got a date for the party, then you could coordinate with them, so that your outfits match. You could do the same if you’re going with friends (no one wants to end up wearing the same outfit as their bestie!). You may also already have the shoes that you’re going to wear, in which case, it’ll be a good idea to bring them along with you. Beyond those tips, it’s all about visiting us and having fun.

The Best Place For Your Homecoming Dress

If there’s one thing that we here at Ash and T’s understand, it’s dresses. A locally-owned business, we’ve been in operation for more than 24 years and, during that time, have helped many thousands of people find their dream dress. Located at 900 Bacons Bridge Rd, Unit C, Summerville, SC, we have more than 4,500 designer gowns in sizes ranging from 00 – 30. That’s another way of saying: we have a lot of dresses that suit all needs, so you’ll surely find a dress that you love.